What is Hopiasepät? Briefly in English

Hopiasepät is a Finnish strategy consultancy. We believe that once the key substance of the client is in order, communicating and advancing the message of the client will be successful. Hence, we work with strategy, communication and influencing - in that order.

We build on top experience and top networks in politics, media and the EU. Located next to the Finnish Parliament in Helsinki, our consultancy helps our clients, both from private and public sector, to profile themselves with genuinely relevant ideas. We transform the client’s potential into action and find the right partners to proceed with. We build positive influence and significance – relevance positively. We make sure the ideas are noticed by the target audiences and when desired, through media.

We develop sustainable business. We work in the core of digitalisation in industry, services, software, food and bioeconomics. Our projects generate a smarter and a better world.                                                                  

Who we are

We are a small team of experts, having started as a family business in spring 2016. The name Hopiasepät comes from the surnames of the founders; Mr Jussi Seppälä and Ms Henna Hopia. In English it roughly means Silver Smiths, hence the slogan “hammers good”. We mold good potential to something even greater, including good purpose, and do it well!

Our strengths are versality and complementary expertise. We have decades or experience from government, media and politics, health and international trade, combined with excellent networks and the ability to innovate.

We have a strong international expertise and speak several languages.

Jussi Seppälä

jussi.seppala(at)hopiasepat.fi, +358 50 529 4562, @JussiPositively 

Jussi is the CEO and Positive Influencer of Hopiasepät. In the core of digitalising industry, services and software, he has cutting edge understanding of the profound change our society and companies are facing. Jussi knows how media works and how to connect an idea to the right media. He was a well-known TV reporter of YLE (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) for nearly 25 years and has promoted Finland’s influence in EU decision making through media in Brussels in the service of the Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Before founding Hopiasepät, Jussi worked for Miltton Networks, writing extensive analyses on business and governmental reforms. In addition to being a sharp brainstormer, analyst and writer, Jussi is also a trustworthy speaker, discussion moderator and media trainer. Jussi’s network of influencers is exceptional. Jussi holds a Licentiate degree in Social Sciences (IR) from Helsinki University. 

Henna Hopia

henna.hopia(at)hopiasepat.fi, +358 45 601 8886, @HennaPositively

Henna is the Positive Operator and COO of Hopiasepät. Having a background in politics, the EU, media and think tanks, her strengths are multidisciplinarity, broad knowledge of society and politics, good communication skills and a wide network, as well as operative strengths. She has worked for instance as the Communication Manager at the Finnish Business and Policy Forum (EVA), political assistant in both European and Finnish Parliament, EU correspondent, and in major think tanks in Brussels. Henna has studied International Relations at Tampere University and has written many international publications, especially on the EU and foreign and security politics. She has a vast expertise in being responsible for high-level events and media operations.

Tuuli Seppälä

tuuli.seppala(at)hopiasepat.fi, +358 44 303 6077

Tuuli is the newest addition to the Team Hopiasepät. She is "a Positive Trainee" and studies in the Faculty of Social Sciences in the University of Helsinki. Tuuli works through observing and carefully analysing societal and business related issues.  She brings with her a good understanding about the logics of social media and the latest trends of the young generation. Tuuli is able to grasp new concepts quickly and has strong communication skills. She approaches new ideas with a calm energy. As a public policy student, Tuuli aspires to center her work around responsible, positive influencing. In her free time Tuuli is into music in its all forms and – and when the sun is out, she can be spotted enjoying the outdoors in Tervasaari.

Noora Hinkka

noora.hinkka(at)hopiasepat.fi, +358 50 300 4896

Noora is the Positive Developer - a project developer and project coordinator - at Hopiasepät. She has a vast knowledge of food production chain, production hygiene and industry legislation. She has a Licentiate degree in Veterinary Medicine and a Master’s degree in Health Sciences (major international health, minor leadership). In her studies she has focused especially on African health problems. Her recent studies include Project Management program at Aalto University, with IPMA certificate on the way. She has worked also with projects in the Finnish municipal sector and with decision-making processes. Her diverse background has given her for instance the ability to perceive, process and analyse large contents of information.

Birla Khoda

birla.khoda(at)hopiasepat.fi, +358 44 242 1376

Birla is passionate about Business Development and has a decade long international experience. Having worked both with large corporations and start-ups, he can easily adjust to any work environment. Birla is originally from India and has lived and worked also in Singapore, Dubai, Ireland and the United Kingdom. He holds a Master’s degree in International business from Nottingham Trent University and Bachelor’s degree from Delhi University. He came to Hopiasepät via Hanken & SSE Business Lead Program. Birla has an outgoing personality and is an effective communicator. He multitasks and thinks outside the box. His interests lie in life, politics, history, sustainable innovations and how they could affect positively to society at large.

Some references

Our clients are so far mainly of Finnish origin, but we operate also in wider Europe and elsewhere. Our latest projects have taken us to explore for instance possibilities in Africa.

Danske Bank

AHJO workshop for the executive team of Danske Bank Finland Business Banking in 2017. Testing the strategy, facilitating the new mode of operation and crystallising the new value proposition for the bank.

DIMECC / Finnish digitalising industry

An ongoing clientship since 2016 includes strategic influencing and new openings and media work for the digitalising industry of Finland. Also creating and marketing the largest innovation competition for the largest event of the Finnish industry.

Boosting innovation with an innovative campaign. For instance in 2017, Hopiasepät designed and executed a media campaign, measured by the EU Commission (Kantar Media) as the most effective of all 28 EU countries.

The Forest Academy for EU Decision Makers / Finnish Forest Association

In late 2018 Hopiasepät brainstormed and developed with the Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry a major new initiative to fight climate change with forestation in Africa through EU-Africa Partnership. The initiative was owned by Prime Minister Juha Sipilä and is ongoing. We also organized widespread media coverage in Finland and the EU: HS, Yle, Kauppalehti, Politico, etc.

Finnish Software and E-business Association

Since 2016 until today, Strategic messages, media work, new openings and contacts for the developer of the Finnish software and E-business industry. Promoting the importance and influence of the leading Finnish digital expertise. Also promoting women to become professionals in the software industry with #Mimmitkoodaa-project (translated: women code).


Fixing Forests. An intelligent technology for treating and using forests sustainably and productively. Unique Finnish forest solution onto the world map – openings, brand, messages, and web as a strategic partner.

KIVO Finland (the Finnish Solid Waste Association)

A strategy work of one year, 2017. Converting municipal waste management to advance circular economy. Nationwide progressive strategy, new role and brand, groundbreaking initiatives. Messaging, media work, website renewal.

Contact info

Strategy Consultancy Hopiasepät Ltd

Pohjoinen Rautatiekatu 11 lh 2, 00100 Helsinki, Finland

CEO Jussi Seppälä, +358 50 529 4562, jussi.seppala@hopiasepat.fi