Hopiasepät brings business and society together. We are experts in strategy, communication and influencing. Sustainable business development is our new area of expertise.

We help companies and teams to become even better as well as create new ideas. We build opportunities even from difficult elements and form productive partnerships. We strive towards our clients’ radical success.

We are a strategic partner to our private and public sector customers. We operate in the core of digitalisation: industry, services and software. We also help our customers innovate new sustainable food concepts and design their marketing.

We create positive influence. Relevance positively—that is our guiding principle in everything. Good works.

What we do

Are you contemplating your strategy, puzzling about change? 
We mold your strategy and refine your message profoundly. When in need of quick action Strategy AHJO workshop takes you further fast.

Do you need a strategic partner?
We create measures that are effective in the long-term and walk you through the change.

Is your organisation facing problems?
We reveal the sore points with our in-depth-interviews and offer solutions.

Do you want to contact influencers, are you looking for new partners?
We create the right contacts for you, both in Finland and elsewhere.

Are you aiming for smarter and more future-proof products and services?
Vastuu-AHJO crystallizes new concepts, your strategy for sustainability and its communication to the media.

Would you like to be active in the media?
With you, we build an entity that will get your message through.

Do you face difficult questions in public?
Crisis communication is successful with honest messages, that stand the critique.

Are interviews in front of the camera challenging for you?
With you, we find your personal strengths and train them to top performance. In urgency Media AHJO might be your choice.

Are you looking for understanding of the society?
We analyse situations, assess possibilities, moderate debates. Topics include the EU, security, media, politics, industry, and digitalisation.

In need of change, shaking up and challenge?
Become positive and successful – we inspire and build faith in renewed thinking! Focus on solving problems of your organisation and finding positivity, courage, and inspiration.

We are a service provider for Tekes – get new knowhow (5 000 € + VAT).

AHJO workshops

Strategia-AHJO, the Strategy AHJO workshop, tests your strategy and refines your message.

This workshop is an effective, tailored solution to clarify your company’s or organisation’s core idea, to refine your message and to get it through. We prepare for the day by an in-depth orientation to your company’s situation and goals. We test the strategy also with communication tools; each participant receives their recorded interviews.

Strategia-AHJO strengthens your team and turns heads into the same direction. Ideal for 5 to 10 people, a management team or other forces of change.


Are your company’s sustainability efforts convincing? Do you aim to develop smarter and more future-proof business? Is sustainability already a core feature of your business strategy but you need help communicating your efforts more effectively to consumers and other stakeholders?

Do you strongly believe in your sustainability efforts and are willing to give us the right to critically evaluate them and challenge you to verify your actions to the public?

Vastuu-AHJO, the Responsibility AHJO workshop, is a tailored solution that helps you test your strategy for sustainability or the future-proofness of your strategy. Vastuu-AHJO crystallizes your strategy for sustainability and its communication to the media.


Do you want to communicate to your entire staff that their comprehensive/holistic well-being is important? Do you believe that the same principles that apply to getting you in great shape can also apply to a company? We demonstrate this in practice.  Fustra helps you to get in shape, fustrategia — or fustrategy — does the same for your company.

fustragy is a comprehensive strategy workshop. People and companies are surprisingly similar, and we want to ensure well-being for individuals and great results for businesses. We offer a holistic strategy workshop which aims to get everything and everyone in shape!

Fustra Finland Oy executes the sporty portion of the fustrategy.


How to cope with media, when tough questions are being asked about the European Union? Decision-makers, officials and other expert need up-to-date, versatile and personally taylor-made toolkit.

EU AHJO workshop is carried out by our unique EU experts. We have a strong experience in the communication of the Presidency of the Council of the EU, Finland’s EU communication both in Finland and in Brussels, working as an EU correspondent and in the European Parliament.

EU AHJO will tackle the EU themes needed, and will prepare you to communicate your message understandably and convincingly. Out efficient TV interview training, appreciated by hundreds of leaders and experts, prepares you to perform in front of the camera, as well as generally. The training will be done using real and likely themes and topics.

With the EU AHJO you are ready to face the media in a proactive fashion, making most of all opportunities.


How to get your message through? Media AHJO workshop tests and works on your message to get transmitted, while also taking your performance to the next level.

This training is much more than a public speaking or media course. In AHJO we go deep into each participant’s work offering new openings and bringing them forward. You will leave AHJO as a convincing speaker and with new ideas.

The day is flavoured with our team’s diverse expertise and enthusiastic approach plus 25 years of experience by a front row TV journalist. Each participant receives all their three studio interviews recorded on camera.

Media AHJO suits all progressive-minded individuals or groups up to about ten participants.


Owned by Hopiasepät, a fresh subsidiary company JUHO Applications develops positive digital solutions to our society’s problems. More to come soon!

New TV-formats improving society are in the pipeline. We’re casting the basis for a better world, with new ideas!


Whom we help


Our strategic services are trusted amongst others by

AHJO workshop for the management team – testing the strategy, facilitating the new mode of operation and crystallising the new value proposition for Danske Bank Finland Business Banking.

Strategic influencing and new openings, media work, creating an innovation competition for the digitalising industry of Finland – profiling the most effective innovation in Europe.

Creating a growth strategy for a disruptive technology. Finding opportunities, opening doors, and building new partnerships. Generating new digital service business based on the SME’s unrivalled expertise, aiming at radical growth.

Fixing Forests. An intelligent technology for treating and using forests sustainably and productively. Unique Finnish forest solution onto the world map – openings, brand, messages, and web as a strategic partner.

Converting municipal waste management to advance circular economy. Nationwide progressive strategy, new role and brand, groundbreaking initiatives. Messaging, media work, website renewal.

Strategic messages, media work, new openings and contacts for the developer of the Finnish software industry. Promoting the importance and influence of the leading Finnish digital expertise.

Who we are

Jussi Seppälä
Positive Influencer, CEO

Jussi finds solutions with innovative ideas. Positive solutions are found when even unpleasant truths are not feared. Trust is the key word.

Through customer cases in the core of digitalising industry, services and software, Jussi has cutting edge knowledge and understanding of the profound change our society and companies are facing – and winners are leading.

Jussi knows how media works and how to connect an idea to the right media. As a well-known reporter of Yleisradio (the Finnish Broadcasting Company) for nearly 25 years, Jussi is recognised from his heavy-weight, bold news stories. In the service of Ministry for Foreign Affairs in Brussels, Jussi promoted Finland’s influence in EU’s decision making through media and other means of communication.

Jussi switched to the private sector via Miltton Networks, where Jussi wrote extensive analyses on business and governmental reforms. At Insano Jussi developed and implemented numerous significant customer projects, which now continue with Hopiasepät.

Jussi knows the means and actors of national and international influencing, both in front of and behind the scenes. The exceptional network of influencers Jussi has acquired in over 30 years is in a key position when building partnerships that cross borderlines.

Jussi is a sharp brainstormer, analyst and writer. An expert in societal and EU matters. Many articles have been born from the pen of Licentiate of Social Sciences. Jussi is also a trustworthy speaker, and has moderated numerous prime minister level debates. Jussi’s media trainings get praised as well—one leaves them with a smile!

Jussi means business, but he also has a sense of humour. He is equally passionate about his hobbies as he is about his work. Singing and boating are close to his heart.

Henna Hopia
Positive Operator, COO

Henna is a professional in politics, influencing, international relations and communications, who wants to make the world a better place. She believes in the power of cooperation and breaking boundaries. Henna gets cracking, when others are still holding back.

Henna’s strengths are multidisciplinarity, broad knowledge of society and politics, good communication skills and a wide network, as well as operative strengths. She has worked as a Communication Manager at the Finnish Business and Policy Forum (EVA), political assistant in both European and Finnish Parliament, EU reporter, Visiting Fellow at a think tank in Brussels, and in many challenging projects. Henna knows the party politics as well.

Henna is skilled at analysing and expressing the case. She has written many international publications, especially on the EU and foreign and security politics. Having studied International Relations, Henna is especially interested in knowing what is going on in the world. Six years in Brussels increased her understanding on the importance of European cooperation and widened her contacts further.

Henna grasps the big picture, while not overlooking the details. She has for instance been responsible of organising high-level events and media operations. The training of a military officer has not been harmful either for project management and reaching one’s goals. In addition, Henna enjoys working with everything visual. Her latest free time fun is oriental dance.

Mikko Norros
Positive Eminence

Mikko is the Positive Eminence, experienced and with good connections. Mikko has served five Prime Ministers as their communications representative in Finland and abroad and has also worked as the Press Counsellor for the Finnish EU Representation in Brussels.

Mikko gathered a solid experience of the Finnish economy already during his years at the Economic Information Office (Finnfacts, a communication and public affairs arm of the Confederation of Finnish Industries). Mikko’s comprehensive experience in EU affairs derives from his work at the Council of State and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

He has also managed extensive, high-priority projects. Mikko has been in charge of the communications of Finnish EU presidencies both in Helsinki and Brussels, as well as the EMU campaign in Finland. He also worked as Special Advisor for the Speaker of the Parliament, Mr Sauli Niinistö.

His motto is ‘The most important is the goal’. This might sound a bit blasé but it helps him to hit the targets and create strategies. Of great value is Mikko’s exceptionally wide professional network among politicians, the press and communicators in Finland and abroad – especially in Brussels. He’s not looking at the world without criticism but is a true believer in the EU project.

The world of the Francophonie is very familiar to him. Mikko started his school in Brussels and has since been living and working several times in Belgium. He’s also lived in Paris and moved lately back to Finland after two years in Stockholm. He graduated from the University of Helsinki having studied French, Italian, linguistics and political history. No wonder his penchant is for international affairs.

Mikko feels at home as well in the North with the Lapps as in the EU cabinets or amid a good loud discussion in Italian. He knows how to ease the tough situations with a good laugh though keeping in mind the goals and solutions.

His freetime is filled with five kids, biking and gardening and a deep love for the Finnish Archipelago – and friends.

Janina Granholm
Positive Innovator

Janina’s focus is always on the future, not on defending the past. Therefore, she aims to constantly question current patterns of thought and behaviour. She feels that she is making a difference when she gets people to see things in a new light. As a junior management consultant at Demos Effect in autumn 2017, she got the opportunity to utilize this skill in the development of more sustainable products, services and business models for corporate customers.

All in all, Janina has a strong personal drive to contribute to creating a more sustainable future. How can this be done? Janina’s motto is: “Doing good needs to be made the easiest and the best choice for consumers”. Only when this is achieved can sustainable consumption be possible on a large scale. Janina identifies her earlier employer’s, ResQ Club’s, service as an excellent example of this. ResQ Club is an application through which consumers can buy leftover restaurant food at a discounted price and therefore, save good quality food from going to waste. Food waste is a major environmental problem. For 1,5 years, Janina helped expand the ResQ Club service to several countries as the global recruitment manager.

Janina recently graduated from Aalto University’s business school with a Master’s degree focusing on strategy and sustainability. Janina believes that the best way to recognize the business opportunities sustainability offers is by enforcing a culture of experimentation. A culture of experimentation is based on the idea that even a failed experiment is better than delaying decision making and beginnings.

Janina is particularly enthusiastic about sustainable food innovations. She closely follows the changes taking place in the consumption behavior of consumers globally, particularly in regard to plant-based eating. The role of product development and marketing in supporting sustainable consumption is of significant interest to her and for this reason, she studied the business models around several meat alternative brands (Pulled Oats, Härkis, Mifu, Quorn and Oumph!) in her Master’s thesis in autumn 2017. One of her favourite hobbies is trying the latest plant-based products on the market.

Janina’s strengths include her solutions-oriented mindset and her ability to see the big picture, her positive and open-minded attitude towards people, new things and the future, and her wide network in the food industry. She is at her best when she gets to co-create new business concepts together with different stakeholders and she is skilled at inspiring and bringing out the best qualities of group members.

Work-life balance is a key priority for Janina. In her spare time, she is a passionate world traveller and world cuisine enthusiast. In fact, Janina has both Finnish and Australian citizenships after having lived in Australia for 7 years as a child and English is her other mother tongue. In order to stay fit, Janina actively participates in Les Mills exercise classes, plays tennis and takes trekking trips in the nature.

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